Safety Resources

Below are documents and information collected by the newly-formed Safety Committee that pertain specifically to safety concerns on active projects in light of COVID-19 regulations. For additional regulations, visit our Legislative and Public Agency resource page.

The ACEC New York Safety Committee has compiled recommended guidance on COVID-19 for design and construction industry professionals on job sites/in the field, in the office and in other areas where work is performed.

This guidance has been taken from a variety of sources, including expertise from member firms, federal guidelines (CDC, OSHA), state guidelines (Office of the Governor, Office of the Mayor), as well as from public agencies and key organizations essential to the built environment.

The goal of this document is to share best practices related to protecting the health and safety of our workers, our colleagues and the public we interact with in our professional capacities. This document will be updated as new information and guidelines are shared. While this document provides suggested guidance for our member organizations, it does not take the place of medical advice or governmental directives and decrees.

Download Safety Guidelines

Based on the Safety Guidance Document, ACEC New York has created a poster (prints at 18" x 24") for members' use in their offices. Download the poster file.

New York State

(5/14/20) New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo released reopening guidance to a number of industries included in Phase 1 reopening plans, including the construction industry.  The guidance includes a safety plan template for ensuring compliance and safe worksites.



(4/8/20) NYSDOT provided interim guidance that allows variations to standard operating procedures for Materials QC/QA in light of current operating conditions, social distancing and health guidance from the Center for Disease Control and NYS Department of Health.


NYS Thruway Authority

(4/8/20) NYS Thruway Authority provided guidance on reporting of suspected or confirmed cases.

New York City



(3/25/20) MTA has provided guidance and protocols for COVID-19 exposure and a COVID-19 project safety checklist.

(4/22/20) MTA issued flowcharts for contractor/consultant exposure scenarios and general COVID-19 safety information, with updated mask guidance. This replaces and supercedes previous versions.





CDC has provided a number of resources:


OSHA provided Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

Other Organizations/States


Avetta sponsored a tips sheet on effective hand washing.


The LA Department of Buildings and Safety provided guidance for construction sites in light of the COVID-19 crisis.


Moser Associates provided guidelines for cleaning practices based on protocols in their Asia offices.


The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health provided a presentation on COVID-19 and the workplace.

Office of the Governor of Pennsylvania

The PA governor's office provided guidance for businesses in the construction industry permitted to operate during the COVID-19 disaster emergency.