NYCDDC Suspends Operations Temporarily:  In what they hope is a short term pause, NYCDDC has suspended Design contracts due to financial/economic concerns. They hope to start up soon. According to Commissioner Lorraine Grillo, the city is cautiously reviewing their finances . She also acknowledged the value of the engineering community to DDC and that they want to get everyone back to work as soon as possible.


DDC's Agency Chief Contracting Officer (ACCO) Nick Mendoza provided an update for ACEC New York member firms:

DDC is currently working on providing electronic options for all RFP and bid submittals in conjunction with the Mayor's Office of Contract Services (MOCS).  DDC expects to release further guidance on how this will be handled but can confirm DDC will be accepting electronic submissions of proposals for our projects.  

As for the issue of notarization, DDC has received some relief from the notary rules from MOCS.  If a vendor is unable to get a notary stamp on a contract, the Agency and the vendor can mutually waive the requirement via email and this correspondence will be made part of the procurement package, allowing the remaining processing steps to move forward.  

Pre-proposal conferences will be offered via Webex or Microsoft teams with dial in options.  The solicitations will be updated with specific instructions as to how firs will access the meeting online as well as the procedures for submitting any questions. 


ACEC New York conducted outreach and is communicating with the agency about key issues. Information from the agency will be posted here as it is received.


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