NYCHA issued an RFQ for Design-Build Services for Enhanced Centralized Waste and Recycling Facilities for the design and construction of a new central waste and recycling facilities on the site of existing waste yards at seven (7) developments. An RFQ overview webinar will be held this Monday, April 27th at 2pm. Instructions to participate are available in an addendum shared by NYCHA.


Steven Lovci (Executive Vice President of Capital Projects, NYCHA) called ACEC New York to provide an update on the capital program:

  • NYCHA plans to proceed with the program they put in place over the last two years with no major disruptions expected.
  • They are monitoring sites, will modify processes and protocols as needed and they plan to continue to push ahead as best they can. 
  • Payments are moving forward without issues.
  • NYCHA has cash flow and does not expect a major slowdown.
  • Design Department is planning to issue additional task orders in the coming weeks and NYCHA intends to use this time to get ahead.
  • NYCHA noted the prospect of federal stimulus funds.
  • Electronic processes: NYCHA uses E—Builder. The authority purchased Docusign and they expect to integrate this into E-Building next week. This will substantially digitize all signatures, with some possible exceptions.


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