COVID-19: NYS Education Department


The State Education Department issued industry guidance regarding licensure exams and continuing education.

PE/LS Exams:   

  • The NCEES PE paper and pencil exams scheduled for April 17th and 18th have been cancelled by NCEES.  The next exam administration is scheduled for October.
  • The NCEES PE and LS computer based exams have been shut down for 30 days as the Pearson exam sites have closed for this period.   
  • The NYS Specific LS exam scheduled for April 17 has been postponed.  At this time I do not know if the Dept. will  try to offer it this summer or wait until October.

 Geology Exams –
The ASBOG geology exams scheduled for this Friday have been cancelled.  Next scheduled exam administration is October.

There is more information and guidance on a special webpage.


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