OGS has posted an updated list of essential and non-essential projects and jobsite closures (see the link in the yellow section of the site partway down the page).


The New York State Office of General Services Design and Construction Group (”OGS D&C”) has received multiple requests from the construction industry seeking confirmation that contractors, consultants, construction management services and material suppliers are considered exempt from reduction in workforce requirements outlined in Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 202, as amended. The Executive Order provides that essential businesses and services not subject to the in-person restrictions include construction transportation infrastructure including vendors that provide essential services needed to ensure the continuing operation of government.

OGS D&C is continuing implementation of its capital program as an essential government function and will continue to bid and construct projects. The companies awarded such contracts including subcontractors, suppliers, vendors and specialty firms are all exempt for work to support the capital program. This includes professional services required to support these functions.

ACEC New York conducted ongoing outreach to State agencies, authorities and other State entities for information about how they are handling procurements, ongoing projects and special contract considerations right now. To date, OGS reminded industry of the use of electronic processing of Letters of Intent.



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