An Equitable Transportation Formula for New York City: Plan Essential to Economic Growth and Enhanced Quality of Life

The American Council of Engineering Companies of New York (ACEC New York), an organization representing over 280 engineering firms totaling more than 20,000 employees in New York State, supports Sam Schwartz’s FIX NYC proposal.  Designed to relieve congestion in New York City, this plan is forward looking and will produce an immediate economic benefit to the City, while supporting its projected long-term growth.  

FIX NYC is part of a comprehensive solution to traffic problems.  Reduced traffic levels will help to alleviate congestion on the major arteries into New York City from the Boroughs and from New Jersey and Connecticut.  The reductions in delays and improved reliability of travel time will be a benefit for business and make living and working in the region more sustainable.  

By introducing market-driven pricing for the most congested areas of the city while lowering tolls elsewhere, $1.5 billion a year can be raised to fund transportation and transit projects in New York.  The funds generated will be used to maintain, improve and build new transportation systems, which in turn will increase ridership.  Less traffic translates into reduced emissions that are harmful to humans.  This plan will also enhance economic activity in New York City.  Expanded transit services will facilitate commuting as well as trips to Manhattan for recreation and shopping.  In addition, the plan has the potential to create approximately 35,000 annual recurring jobs that would stimulate all sectors of the state’s economy.

As an association representing the engineering designers of transportation systems in New York State and throughout the world, we know that funding infrastructure is essential and that solutions may not be easy to achieve.  We believe through the examination and testing of creative methods, such as innovative pricing, the city, state and federal government can collaborate to find solutions to reduce congestion and greenhouse gas emissions, provide new transit services, support growth and maintain the region’s economic competitiveness and improve the quality of life.
Founded in 1921, the American Council of Engineering Companies of New York (ACEC New York) is the state’s premier organization for consulting engineering firms, representing 270 companies and over 20,000 employees in New York.  The organization’s mission is to further the business interests of its members through advocacy, networking, education and business services.  For more information, visit

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