Leadership Institute

The ACEC New York Leadership Institute develops the future leaders needed to grow engineering organizations and create a more vibrant, dynamic, and profitable place to work. Many people do not see themselves as charismatic speakers or great visionaries and, therefore, some managers may not see themselves as truly effective leaders. They believe that they lack the necessary innate abilities and skills to be true leaders. However, leadership requires only four elements (listed below). These can be taught, coached and inspired through a proactive process that draws out leadership abilities and achieves behavior change.

The Institute takes place in New York City (with the addition of Syracuse in 2015) with one full-day class a month over the course of 8 months. This course is recommended for senior management, middle management, and anyone who has been identified as a high potential leader.

Training will be performed by The Jennings Group, which specializes in working with engineering and other technical and project management organizations.

Students will learn a number of techniques to improve their leadership skills, including listening and communication for motivation, leading in conflict situations, and creating a leadership culture.

Registration for 2020 Leadership Institute