Legislative Update: August 2020
ACEC Legislative Update

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New York State

ESOP Expansion. ACEC New York’s Legislative efforts have been ramping up in preparation for a likely fall Session of the legislature. On August 18, member firm representatives and Government Relations staff met with State Education Department leadership to explain technical aspects and policy advantages of A.3554/S.2709, priority legislation intended to allow expanded ESOP ownership of design professional corporations. This meeting follows the bill being analyzed at the State Board for Architecture’s August 12 board meeting. The bill was favorably analyzed by members of the Board for Architecture. While these comments are advisory in nature, they signal receptivity to the policy arguments underlying the bill.

Geology Cleanup. Government Affairs staff members continue meeting with Assembly staff to work through technical aspects of priority Geology legislation (A.7865/S.6084) in preparation for the potential Fall session.


2020 Federal PAC. ACEC New York has raised $25,850 of our $95,000 goal. Thank you to our donors to date. Visit the ACEC PAC webpage for more ways to give, including new summer activities. For more information on donations, or to make a donation to the PAC, contact NYS Director of Government Relations Campbell Wallace at campbell@acecny.org.

New York City

ACEC New York opposes bill that would impact Local Law 97. The City Council’s Committee on Environmental Protection held a virtual hearing on August 14, on Intro. 1982, which would establish marginal emissions rates for the electricity grid. Scott Frank of JB&B, chair of the Metro Region Energy Code Committee, testified in opposition to the bill on behalf of ACEC New York. 

On August 14, Scott Frank of JB&B testified during the City Council virtual hearing.

State Board approves White Paper to help inform Local Law 97 implementation. Local Law 97, NYC’s landmark Building Retrofit Law, created an Advisory Board. The law requires this Board to recommend “A reference guide to delineate the responsibilities of the building designer and owners to comply with emissions limits.” To support implementation of this requirement, ACEC New York’s Metro Energy Code Committee has developed a White Paper with recommendations for this reference guide. The White Paper was approved by the association’s State Board on August 20. It will next be shared with the LL 97 Advisory Board and other stakeholder groups to inform and educate clients and other design professionals.

Industry Coalition supports City decision to restart ULURP
. ACEC New York partnered with other associations in a letter to Mayor de Blasio supporting the City’s decision to restart the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) with virtual meetings this month. There were 59 already filed - and paused - applications in review when ULURP was suspended in March. It is critical for these to proceed as they will provide opportunities for economic activity and affordable housing development in every borough.