Life Membership

Life Membership is available to a principal of a member firm who has fully retired from active practice and has made a significant contribution to the association. This form can be completed by the applicant and/or by the region that is proposing you for life membership.

The regional board must make the recommendation to the State Board of Directors; this recommendation will be approved with a vote of two thirds of the board in support of this action.

Download a copy of the nomination form.

ACEC New York Life Members

S. Thomas Aiston
Donald J. Bergmann
Wilson V. Binger
Alan Blake
Marvin Caretsky
Thomas S. Coughlin
Lewis M. Damrauer
Arthur A. Edwards
Carl Eiden
Kenneth Eipel
Charles Franzese
John H. Foster
Ronald A. Freeman
George C. Frost
Edwin C. Gent
Anthony J. Grasso
Bernard Haber    
John Harnly
Dr. Harry M. Horn
Frank L. Jennings
Herbert L. Kartinger
Irving Klienman
John LiMarzi
Fred Lindquist
Frank Lorenz
Anthony J. Malone
Mariano Molina
Manfred Moses
Satoshi Oishi
Joseph Rixner
H. Daniel Rogers
Donald E. Ross    
Wilfred H. Sharrer
John Sherburne
Isidore Shiffman
Walter B. Sinnott
Michael A. Triassi
Harold I. Thropp
Chester Vogel
Howard O. Ward
Sy Williams
John Waltz
Carl J. Winterberger
Gibert J. Yablon